Department of Mechanical Engineering (IIST) Files Five Patent Applications (View All News)

1. 100% Biofuel Stove

Kerosene - A petroleum product, kerosene is a highly subsidized fuel in India. It is mostly used in rural Indian households. Rural India also has many varieties of trees which bear oil containing seeds. The oil from these seeds has high calorific value. This oil has high viscosity and high flash point to burn in a kerosene stove. A new stove with modifications to burn high viscosity oils is developed in the Mechanical Engineering department of IIST and patent is filed for this work by the students Mr. Prashant Vitvekar & Mr. Aswin Kumar under the guidance Dr. M.S. Murthy, Professor Mechanical Engineering Department.

2. 50% Energy Saving Air Conditioner

Dr. M.S. Murthy, Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering has developed an air conditioner which saves about 50% energy consumption. This is a unique achievement considering the fact that the air conditioners are energy intensive equipments. The capital cost of high energy efficiency air conditioner is high. In the present development, modifications are carried out on existing air conditioner which costs less than a few hundred rupees. A patent has been filed for this product.

3.Biofuel for CI Engine

Availability of petroleum products is scarce in India. Diesel is subsidized by more than 20% by Government. Hence, identifying alternative sources of energy to the diesel engines is the latest area of research. A particular tree borne seed has been identified which is a good source of biodiesels. So far the seeds have no practical applications and were only a waste product. Biodiesel has been developed using these seeds by Dr. M.S. Murthy. A patent is pending for this unique identification.

4.NOx Emissions Reduction from Diesel Engine

NOx emissions are a major hurdle in the utilization of biodiesels in the compression ignition engines. A novel biological method has been developed by Dr. M.S. Murthy for the reduction of NOx emissions while using biodiesels and their higher blends with diesel. A patent has been filed for this work.

5.Biofuel Blended Stove

Kerosene is a very common household fuel in India. Replacing kerosene with non-edible straight vegetable oils has been a challenge to the researchers due to its viscosity. Modifications have been made to a horizontal pressurized kerosene stove to reduce the viscosity of this oil, hence paving the way for use of this oil in place of kerosene. A patent has been filed by Dr. M.S. Murthy, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department for this work.

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