Induction Programme of Engineering Students of Shail Group of Institutions (View All News)

Adapting to life at an engineering college both socially and academically can be a challenge. This is specially so as large number of freshers are from semi-urban and rural areas having studied in vernacular languages. Change in language of studies from Hindi to English and also a change in culture may make them feel disorientated. For others simply living away from home in a new environment without their friends or usual sources of support can be equally unsettling.

To achieve academic potential, a fresher needs to fully engage with the course, with peers and with the faculty. A well planned induction programme can provide opportunities for the new student to feel part of a group and to gain confidence in his new environment.

Over 1100 students of engineering stream of Indore Institute of Science & Technology (I & II) were inducted into the academic environment on 13th Oct, 2012 in a gala ceremony. Prof V C Gupta, Principal, IIST; Dr. Shilpa Tripathi, Principal, IIST II and Deans of faculty invoked the blessings of Goddess Saraswati by igniting the lamp of wisdom. Both the Principals charted the path for students to successfully wade through the rigors of four years of engineering course. The freshers were informed about the visionary approach of our beloved Chairman, Shri Rohit Jainendra Jain who has nurtured the fledgling college into a modern multi-disciplinary academic institution of excellence in just about 6 years. Besides excellence in academics, Shail Group of Institutionsprovides comprehensive programme in personality development to all students all through the four years. The students are continuously exposed to the corporate environment by organizing visits to industrial houses and through workshops/seminars on cutting edge technology.

Each of the newly inducted students introduced themselves and highlighted their strengths. There is no dearth of talent in the freshers which will eventually enrich Shail Group of Institutions in the long term.

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