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Youth carry within them incessant energy. The use or abuse of it makes all the difference in life. This age group is more prone to addictions; and also an age which has the potential to attain maximum skills and excel in education. Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders. Therefore, Shail Group of Institutions felt a dire need to address and sensitize the youth and organized a 'Self Assessment and Management Workshop (SAM)' on 3rd Apr 2012 in its sprawling campus.

Youth related problems were tackled through presentations. 35 young SAM volunteers came down from Delhi and gave youth prevalent thematic presentations involving humorous skits, incredible dance & musicals and much more. It was entertaining and a thought provoking package of motivation. It stimulated a sense of personal and spiritual growth.

Sadvi Pragya Bharti explained that patriotism is not just a momentary feeling; it's a life-defining thought process that guides the lifestyle of an individual. Patriotism is the responsibility that seeks courage. Youth - the store house of incessant energy - has an indispensable role to play in patriotically serving our nation as youth alone forms 41.5 per cent of the Indian demography. Empowering youth to realize its complete potential and selflessly serve the nation is possible only through a spiritually charged meditation process.

The programme ended with 'Eternal Bliss'. It is a group of youthful musicians whose talent knows no limits. They are not professionals as they do not charge for their enchanting performances but their each presentation assures of their dedication & passion for music. Their compositions are aimed at guiding the youth towards a positive direction. The words and the music that form the core of 'Eternal Bliss' are charged with positive energy to clear the clouds of negativity and show a path of awakening.

Besides 2500 students of Shail Group of Institutions, another 2000 students of 30 reputed schools like Delhi Public School, Satya Sai School, Gautam International Academy, St Paul, Vaishnav Academy etc actively participated in the workshop. They received practical solutions for day-to-day problems and methods to implement the same to achieve their goals. Shri Rohit Jainendra Jain, Chairman, Shail Group felicitated the SAM artists.

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