UID Facility at Shail Group of Institutions (View All News)

Every resident Indian is being issued a unique identification number linked to the resident's demographic and biometric information, which can be used to identify them anywhere in India. The number has been named Aadhaar, which signifies 'foundation', or 'support'.

It will guarantee uniqueness of identification which will give resident the ability to access multitude of services and resources anytime. It will also be the foundation for the effective enforcement of individual rights such as employment, education, food, etc.

Shail Group of Institutions has taken the initiative of inviting the state authority to the campus and generates UID's of all faculty, staff and students. 4G Identity Solutions Pvt. Ltd, under authority of UIDAI, New Delhi, has set up complete facility.

This was inaugurated on 16th Jan 2012, by Dr S R Lapalikar, Principal, Indore Institute of Science & Technology (IIST) in presence of Dr Brig V Ramnan, Advisor, Shail Group and Principals of all institutions. It is expected that over 2500 personal and their families will be benefited from this facility. The registration and issuance of the UID will be carried out over a period of next fifteen days time. Mrs. Aruna Patil, Welfare Officer, coordinated the event which was supervised by Mr. Abhishek Awasthi and Mr. Abhilash Gautam of 4G Identity Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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